Vernuccio Testifies on “Official Time”

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Vernuccio Testifies on “Official Time”

CEI Labor Policy Counsel Vincent Vernuccio testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing on official time in the federal workforce. Currently, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) defines official time as “paid time off from assigned Government duties to represent a union or its bargaining unit employees.” In his testimony, Vernuccio argued that Congress should repeal the section of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 that authorizes official time for federal employees.

According to Vernuccio, official time forces taxpayers to subsidize union activities that are not necessarily in the public interest. Public funds which could be spent on government administration are instead spent on shoring up the influence of government employee unions. In 2009 alone, federal employees spent 2,911,378 paid hours on union work—hours that cost American taxpayers $129,100,798.

Read Vincent Vernuccio’s complete submitted written testimony here… (PDF).

The hearing took place at 1:30 pm in Room 2154, Rayburn House Office Building. Vernuccio was joined by Rep. Phil Gingrey (GA-11), OPM Deputy Associate Director Timothy Curry, Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst James Sherk, and President of the American Federal of Government Employees John Gage.

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