Talking About Overregulation

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Talking About Overregulation

In this classic CEI video the true costs and dangers of government overregulation are revealed.

3 Responses to “Talking About Overregulation”

  1. Lisa_P Says:

    The American system of economics and of medicine are both in great periods of constraint. Regulation has hampered access to medical care and to financial options, such as short term installment loans. For emergencies, there should still be options open for both medicine and for finances. The Physician’s Foundation recently released survey information where 78% of those surveyed responded that there are already too few family practitioners, and half of those surveyed are frustrated and angry with both government and HMO regulation and are looking to close their practices. As the population grows, the doctor to patient ratio is diminishing, and it will reach a breaking point. In a similar manner, if bank and government regulation find a way to eliminate the only other legal alternative option to short term emergency financing – short term installment loans – then the consumers will be stretched to the breaking point. Already many are too far in debt with credit cards, and no one wants to seek out a loan shark. Studies have been showing conclusively that the absence of payday installment loan lenders has only produced negative impact, such as the one by Jonathan Zinman, Assistant Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College. Doctors and consumers should be contacting their representatives and establishing their right to put their decisions over their finances and their health in their own hands, where it belongs.

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  2. Nancyf Says:

    FDA-Phssssst…..they have been using the general public for their guinea pigs instead of performing studies on the dam things and now many of their drugs are KILLING people! Or is that their point??? Sure we really need a cholestral drug that may keep us from having a heart attack, but may just give us diabetes or cause kidney failure. These pharmacuetical companies really do want to murder us all don't they? Just yesterday an article came out that medicaid was paying MILLIONS on drugs that haven't even passed a safety test! And if they haven't done the tests, then they are falling down on the job aren't they? I also think whats sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If corporations worried as much about the laws and regulations put on the individuals they might care a whole lot more about the regulations on corps. Unfortunately, corps aren't human and do not care about anyone. Their only priority is money and their bottom line. NOT people. And as we all know, if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

  3. Nancyf Says:

    In other words, it's not fair to compare corporations to individuals. It's comparing apples to oranges. Human beings deserve more rights and less regulations than a heartless inhuman corporation.